Help Needed: Unity Trail Renderer With Animation How to Handle this

Hello Guys I haven’t been involved in the VFX scene for very long
This is my first time using trail renderer and I encounter an issue
When animation rewind to zero frame the trail renderer detect it and show ugly trail to me

So I try some my personal troubleshoot like
"Set active false of gameobject end of frame and Set active true in start frame "
“Same as Set active off gameobject, ‘Emitting’ button of trail renderer component off”
“Dissolve in and out my trail material using animation key”
These solution reduce ugly trail but not fully solve it
Plsease teach me how can i handle this problem
Thank you!

Hi there, it’s happening because even if you set Emitting to off or disable the gameobject there are still points existing on the component. You can call Clear when restarting the trail, this will clear any exisitng points and you’d start emitting from a clean state.


OMG, thank you so much, Rensei! Your advice has been incredibly helpful in solving this problem. I finally managed it out with the help of UnityEvent and disabling the GameObject!

Now, there’s just one more thing left to do - calling the clear function in the editor animation preview mode.

Thanks again for your amazing support! Have a fantastic day, Rensei~

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I’m glad it helped. You could try using events in the animation to trigger a method, I haven’t used it too much, but if this works it will be an easy solution

For imported animation clips (if you animate stuff in blender for example) it’ll work in similar way Unity - Manual: Events