Help needed To achieve this FX
I’m currently trying to reproduce the purple elemental ball that can be see in this artstation post.

But I have some trouble seeing how I can achieve this texture moving from the outside to the center of the sphere
Did anyone have somes clues or ressources about that kind of shadder effect ?

Are you certain it’s a sphere? It’s an easy effect to reproduce with a flat surface, and I think it would hold up equally well as long as it’s facing the camera

Actually I don’t really know, but you’re probably right.
Actualy i’m searching for any way to reproduce this effect.
Did you have an idea of how this effect was made ?
I was thinking about using a circle and making the texture scrolling from outside of the ring to his center, but i’m not sure how to make my texture scroll

Use a Polar Coordinates transform on your texture coordinates before you add the panner.

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Thank you for the help, I will take a look at this :slight_smile:

You can also create a custom mesh. Like shown by Shannon here: