[HELP] Ideas on how to make it more snappy/crunchy/poppy? Feedback is immensely welcome!

Fenrir Special Neutral 01

I know the character animation is sudden and short, but I wish I could make the VFX pop harder when coming into existence. At the moment it’s too “soft” for my taste.:sob:

I used the “flam technique” in other stuff I did, but I’m having a hard time getting on how to execute it here. Plus I don’t want to cover the character too much or use any orb as the core of the energy.

I plan on adding some shockwaves and control the UV scrolling over life time so it spins pretty fast at the beginning and slows down towards it’s end - for some other reasons I can’t just rotate the mesh this time.
I’m also thinking about adding a brighter element on the same cylinder mesh on top of those, where that element would pop and die pretty fast while scrolling up, leaving the Red and Black behind.
Aaaand the energy on the ground needs some love too, the current one isn’t working hehe.

The main thing I want to tackle is the “poppiness”, but any other cool idea is welcome too! Be it for elements, motion, color or anything :smiley:


Hey, i can think of two ways to improve the snappiness on your effect,

First off as you said in your post, having a bright flash cylinder effect that last between 0.075 and 0.15sec could really improve the feeling of your effect (can also add a dark flash just before or after it, kinda like : White → Black → White). Also adding intensity variation to your effect could help a lot.

If you don’t want to add any color tweaks i would suggest you to play around with the timing, at the moment it goes from Point A (bottom) to Point B (top) starting fast and finishing slow, which is good,

but if i would want to make this effect pop even more i would do something like : Effect go to Point B in a very fast motion (0.1sec or something / and not all the way through, only to 20/30% of point B) then snap back to point A and then go from Point A to Point B like you have on your effect, shameless plug but i’ve used all these techniques on this effect if that can help visualize : [Unity VFX - Sketch #38] The Cometamorphe - YouTube


You should try to utilize more of the principles of animation. Even just a bit more anticipation and follow through does a lot of heavy lifting.

For example you can have an effect that pulls or shrinks inward before the outward burst. Some particles or eroding textures that linger afterwards, or a ground decal. They don’t have to stick around for long, subtle effects can go a long way.

Similarly you may also want to very slightly stagger the timing of your effects overall to make it a bit more organic.

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Hi, Tayko! I remeber watching your video when you left your comment and got very impressed. Though I was unsure of what was happening as it’s happening pretty fast.
By your explanation, you have it growing really fast to about 30% of the final size, then it shrinks back to the initial size, and then grows again, but now going to the full size? Or are there 2 elements, one growing to up to 30% of the size and the other growing up to the full size?

It indeed makes it very crunchy!

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Oh yeah, I was indeed thinking of having some sort of anticipaton or some particles and eroding textures, but I was in a bit of a hurry at that time!

I’m probably revisiting it anytime soon and do so.

What do you mean by “Stagger” in that context?


I used 1 Particle Effect for this, but you could use 2 if that makes it easier for you, it’s up to personnal preference really

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I just realized you’re Florian Dury!
While making this effect, I stared a lot at this: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/L3a3K5
Great work!

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It’s me indeed, thanks you Sig! :grin:

By stagger I mean offset the starting times or delays so that they don’t all start and/or end perfectly in sync.

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