[HELP] How to control a Texture Scrolling Speed over Life in Unity?

I thought this setup here would do:

It works for controlling the Color over Life, but it doesn’t do the job for setting the scrolling speed. Is there something specific for changing the offset of a texture?

With this setup, if I set any values on the point curves (as long as they are not equal, like, say, Time 0 = 0 and Time 1 = 0,1) the scrollinig speed goes CRAZY! It seems like it accelerates over time, as if it was Adding instead of Setting.

If I set the same values at different Times on the curve, the scrolling speed doesn’t change over Life, as expected.

it seems you need to direct the curve to Offset Value, not Offset Speed.
Offset Speed uses Time, the value of which is constantly increasing. Any change in the multiplier significantly changes the offset.

Hey, thanks for replying!

I think I’m doing just that, not sure!

Take a look at how I set stuff on the Shader Graph:

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Yet it still doesn’t work :weary:

sorry for the long reply