Hello, im looking for feedback

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Hello, i have started on my first personal effect outside of tutorials, and im looking for some outsider feedbck because i dont know anyone who does effects personally. The effect itself doesent yet have colours/textures sorted out, right now im mainly focusing on trying to improove the overall quality of it, make it so that all the assets look cosistent with one style and focus on timing, i would love to get some feedback of any kind because i think thats is crucial for ones progress, also if you have any resources that you liked while learning please let me know. thank you and thanks to everyone posting on this forums, its wonderfull <3.


This is looking really good so far! Overall this piece has a great sense of timing, but one thing that stands out to me is the fade-out at the end. The crosshairs and straight beam disappear at the same time, and it might be more visually pleasing to have a tiny bit more variation.

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