Hearthstone Fan FX

I wanted to try my hand at something new and fairly more complex in Unity so I tried to create an effect that I might be able to see in Hearthstone! I just finished it, so I guess this is technically just a first pass, I’m sure there is room for improvement somewhere in here.

The idea is a Demon Hunter creature card with an Eye Beam Battlecry ability.

I’d love and and all feedback! Let me know what you think!


Yeah looks nice, might be a little long but i guess it’s a big dragon legendary type thing so would get special treatment.

I might try not going to pure black in the dissolve effect - looks pretty harsh to my eye but that might be the effect you’re after.

I might try adding a hit effect behind the cards in play too - similar to the spawning effect you have on the minion - doesnt have to be anything major but something to show it’s been hit might be cool.

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I think the effect that is display under the cards / on the board of the “laser” cutting across could linger longer.
Giving the player a little bit more time to see what is going on.

Look at some of their other AOE VFXs. I think a little bit more time on screen will help.

Also, scrubbing through and slowly looking at the same part, it seems as if the “crack / burn” is all one piece and fades in and out together.
Maybe try splitting up the looks a bit. Especially when they go away. Look at stuff like Concecration effect. The bright crack / line from the “laser” should probably look “hot” then it fades out, leaving behind a slightly scorch mark with then fades shortly after.

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