Haxl - VFX Sketchbook

Hello! I’ve recently started learning VFX in my free time while balancing college classes. I think that it’s probably a good idea to keep a sketchbook/diary here to track my progress. I recently just created my first VFX that wasn’t just following a tutorial for Riot’s VFX Contest, so I’ll start with that.

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I haven’t posted here for a while, but I did make a few effects for some projects in Unity!


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made this effect over the past few days. someone told me to apply animation principles to vfx and it made a huge difference!
VFX - Imgur (2)

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Jan 12 - Jan 16
Slash VFX
I learned how to make a slash effect over the weekend! I finally got the dissolve to work in the way I want and figured out some basic UV manipulation for effects with some help from the discord

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Updating this sketchbook with the work I’ve done in the past few months starting with this laser effect!

Getting used to making effects in unreal now. I’ve started learning how to use sequencer to add camera effects as well as improving render quality.

Next up, I’m going to try to incorporate effects with blueprints and character animations.