Harry Potter Fx (PopcornFX v2)

Hi everybody! I try a new personnal challenge, i would like to remake the effects from Harry potter.
For the moment i’m focus on the fight between Dumbledore & Voldemort ( The Order Of The Phoenix) :wink:

Here the magical flux of Dumbledore:


The reference.

it’s a very liquid magic power. There is some lightning that spot out from the flux too, i need to add this!

The shield of Dumbledore:

The reference:

The most hard challenge is for the dust, the density and a good tweak on turbulence makes all!


Oooh wow! Spectacular work on both of them, the movement feels spot on and you captured a lot of really cool details. That glass dust is particularly impressive.

This looks beautiful dude! :slight_smile: , Good job on this one! :smiley:

magical flux of Dumbledore looks amazing is this in the engine? if so, it would awesome to get more info how its done!

Wow these look awesome! the noise on that electricity is super cool.

All of this is made in PopcornFX v2 (beta), i do a sampling from the standard node turbulence with a lerp on a constant during the travel. And I separate it with a select in two point of the turbulence too. I have made some part of this in script but i can show you in nodals if you want?

Thank you all! I’ll continue soon!

Thanks @M3d2dfx there is no need to be honest, I just wasn’t sure if it was in the engine like unity or u4. I will probably do some reading about popcorn as I’m unfamiliar with it and seems interesting enough. Thanks!

This looks fantastic, can’t wait to see more updates!

Dumbledore’s memories:

The reference:

A little test with the GPU simulation. Very simple effect with fully procedural turbulence.

dumbmemo1 dumbmemo2

Made in half of hour :wink:

Here i’m on notebook, I5 + gtx 850m
but in fact i’m already at this fps with no particles lol…

I use the technical of particle accumulation like Krakatoa for the rendering. I like this type of rendering for volute smoke or thin fluid, but to have this in realtime is just amazing !!!

The nodals:

And the contain of the little script (you can easily made it in nodals):


In the standard node Physic, the model coulomb for collision is great for materials with no high friction. I love this effect that glide. I don’t understand what is the material of this magical flux but i think a liquid like a mercury can be approach it…



Great job !
Love the feel of that last gif with the collisions, really feels like heavier chunks of strands of hot stuff hitting the ground ! :slight_smile: