Happy Halloween! - sleepyGrin's Sketchbook


Portfolio work is supposed to represent your best work. Since tutorials aren’t your work, they don’t really belong on your portfolio.

That being said, feel free to post your tutorial results, and the way you deviated and/or experimented with that, here on the forums!
If future employers ask to see more of your work, or want to know about your developement, you can alway link them here, or to some kind of blog.


I totally get it!
You’re not being rude at all, these kind of feedback is why I post on RTVFX in the first place! :smiley:
I edited the video and replaced it on Vimeo based on your feedback! :slight_smile:
Thanks for your time, Jordanov and Wyvery!

Hey Sleepygrin,

Awesome work updating those Star Guardian Ornn effects! He looks so amazing now, congratulations on completing basically his whole kit! You added a lot of gameplay clarity to his visuals, and I love the colours you chose.

I love the star on the Ram’s head as well!


Hi Beardilocks!
Glad you like it :slight_smile:
Feels good to have your approval on my work after you helped me that much!
I’ll always keep in mind gameplay clarity before anything else for game VFXs. :smiley:

Hi everyone!
I’m currently in a very busy time between studying and freelance contracts, it’s hard to get time to post here! But there will be a massive number of VFX coming up on this thread in june!
In the meantime, I had the chance to drop a valorant access, and fell immediatly in love with Brimstone’s E ability. I’m posting a WIP of a fan-art I’ve been doing past midnight, just for study purposes. It’s the first time I’m actually making 2D spritesheets on photoshop, I’m learning a lot!
As far as I know, some textures are very ugly, colors are not close enough to the original and timing is very off, but please do comment as your feedback is very important to me and I’m probably missing on a lot of different aspects.
Have a good time, I’ll post the finished version soon! :slight_smile:


Did you use my tutorial?:smiley:

Nope, I just recreated what I saw with my actualy technical knowledge :o Any chance you can link me to your tutorial, I didn’t find it on your sketchbook and it would be very helpful! :smiley:

Wow! Nice Orn! I love this ultimate! :smiley:

Tell me please, where did you get the character (with animations) and the league map?

Now there are already many tutorials based on my tutorials, mostly with different implementation.
For example another tutorial: https://80.lv/articles/crafting-a-kamehameha-like-vfx-001agt/
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Oh you were talking about my first VFX! Yes I saw it on youtube and I learned a lot from it! It was one of my first VFX :smiley: I made it in VFX Graph. Thanks a lot for the ressources!

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Glad my videos helped you)
It’s very good for first VFX :+1:
Oh, I remembered that my first VFX was terrible… I started without tutorials and then I found DucVu FX channel.

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Your tweets kind of made me discover that VFX were the things I loved when buying a LoL skin so I owe you a lot, you’re my DucVuFX haha :smiley: Hope you’ll appreciate my future work!

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For the record, I kinda disagree with the blanket statement of “You shouldn’t put tutorial work into your portfolio.”. When you’re starting off with real-time VFX I think it’s totally fine. With a few changes to what you did in the tutorial (giving it a personal spin) it should be fine to put it in. I did that (while crediting the tutorial creator as such in my portfolio) and it worked fine for landing me my first internship. Of course this was the exception. While you’re still learning, in my opinion, your portfolio is about showing what you know and what tasks you’re tackling to improve. Once you have more experience, I’d say, you should put stuff into your portfolio that you came up with yourself.

It’s interesting to discover different opinions!
At the time of their comment however I wasn’t crediting the author of the tutorial, which was a bad move on my end I think! :slight_smile:
But thanks for putting your opinion, it’s very valuable to me as a newcomer!

Called this VFX a day, I mainly learned a lot artistically from it, texture making in photoshop etc…

I prepared a breakdown at the end of the video.
My next project is going to be some loot boxes for the mobile game I’m working on, excited to bring it to you!


Very excited to present this Fortnite’s Fan-Art that I used to introduce myself to niagara, UE4 Material Editor, and Blueprints.

As always, very quick breakdown at the end of the video showing briefly my process!


Great… Inspired me. Thanks for sharing…

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Working on some project with a friend of mine and had to tackle the traditional muzzle flash!
Was a nice opportunity to use niagara for the tracer rounds and blueprints for gameplay integration within our shooting system! :smiley:


Experimenting with soulcoasters/ sword slashes/ wooshes/ whatev recently! :smiley:


Happy Halloween everyone! :smiley: