Hand-drawn Slash+Impact idea - Unity 3D

Hi guys. this is my first post so i hope all is well.
I want to share this new idea that I am working on. It is a slash drawn by hand in Adobe animate. I export the images to a sprite sheet and paint it in Photoshop. Paint is a mix between brush and layer effects.
Another thing I’m doing is using the Adobe Palette page. I’m trying to “get out of the box” and learn how to use more different color combinations. It was nice to use.
When it’s all done I use it in Unity 3D as a particle system and this is the result.
If you have feedback or can give me some tips to improve my workflow or try something new, I will appreciate it!

Mi GIF slash03

The YouTube video here

Workflow Youtube video here


Now I wanted to draw a Lightning, so I decided to stream the process. Here I draw a lightning spritesheet in Adobe Animate, then open it in Adobe Photoshop for the color and lights, and finally, in Unity 3D

LIVE: Lightning Particle Sytem from Spritesheet drawed in Animate - Unity3D



Hi! Today I export as a Spritesheet 3 Hit/Impacts of this idea.


I uploaded them here on OPENGAMEART if you want to Download them

.PNG file with transparency.
8 x 8 spritesheet.
8.192 x 8.192 pixels ATLAS.
64 Frames in total.

The Youtube link: https://youtu.be/HDsF4-y2L94

So, if you need them, just use them on your project/idea :wink: