Grid Plexus in Niagara


Hey again,

Another Instagram inspiration video came to me from Koma.Tebe with their creative pixel and generative design, so I thought I would take a go at it.

Heres is the example of the work from Koma.Tebe:

The idea is pretty simple. Generate a grid of particles and have a parent particle moving around in space. Then using the parent particles position, use the “is inside sphere” module inside of a scratch pad. From their you do valid checks and then draw lines from the slected positions inside of the spehere radius and the center of the parents position.

Here are the setup for the Modules I highlighted:

This one is called “PAR Color” in the “Grid - PointVis” emitter.

This goes into the second emitter:

This is a module that I took from another system I had made, going off a tutorial from Tharles VFX, I beleive, to keep the partent particle in a selected space.

Anyways, I had fun making this and maybe this will help or inspire someones work.

As always, thanks for looking and please write if you have any questions.


Thanks for the good inspiration. Very good .