Greg's VFX-Sketchbook

Hey guys, it’s been a while I don’t post anything here, so I hope I’m posting it on the correct place and not breaking any rules.

I’ll probably be using this thread to post my personal works, and any breakdowns that I happen to make.

Here’s my most recent work :slight_smile:


[Magic Mirror VFX - YouTube](Youtube Link)

(I forgot how to post videos here, hope it works)


that is all I got to say :slight_smile:
Well, if you want a suggestion, I’d probably add a contrasting color just to spice things up a little, but its literally nitpicking for the sake of nitpicking.

Great work! I try to imitate your work for practice :smiley:

one of my favourite effects that i no longer could find on the internet, and it shows up here, awesome :3

Thx! Oh post here your practices too!

Even I can’t find my own videos on youtube, even typing the exact title name. Shame on them