Great 2d effects artist


some work I stumbled upon recently


Amazing effects! I wonder what method he is using to create these.

EDIT: ToonBoom, I see in one comment


Nice work mate, Stylized effects are looking awesome


It looks like houdini with a lot of post processing and some roto.
And without looking to check my hypothesis, I’d say RISD.


I was wondering, too. First I thought it’s flash like keyserito, danorelli and redfish use it masterfully… But then all those simulated particles like you’d expect from after effects, houdini or realtime engines. Thanks for hinting it’s Toonboom, must be Harmony Premium then, the only version supporting particles. quite expensive… and awkward :smiley:

amazing melange!!!


Also great:


just wow.


amazing work… thanks for sharing it.


Well I’ll just go to my unskilled corner and cry some more :’(


Ugh, when is this intro gonna finish?! /s

That’s amazing honestly :heart_eyes: