Gluhwein: Sketch #19 WIP

last gif:

Finally understood what i want to do for this theme :smiley: Today just trying to figure out the right direction for all this stuff, so all critique is very welcome


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One VFX senior at work said that it’s all too slow, so i’m trying to understand the magic that you guys call TIMING
Also tried to play with Actor Collision module for chunks but… well it works strange: only 10% of all chunks collides at least somehow, others just falls through the floor.



Well, didn’t have a lot of time to work on it, but HELL YEAH i tried Houdini for the first time and rendered a smoke texture there. Houdini is amazing.



Hey, nice FX. I feel like when ice is covering his body he needs blow up immediately, but it’s only my feeling. And yeah, Houdini is complicated AF, but it’s worth it.

Thanks! Yes, i guess you’re right, i’ll correct timings later
Btw, Houdini looks waaay more friendly than Maya for me :smiley: at least now