Give me your Feedback and Critique Please

Hello Guys I am Begener In VFX, I made this Effect by Following One tutorial, I Added some changes myself on It, can you give me your opinion on it? What Can I improve on this? Here is the Link Dropbox - ORB Final.mp4 - Simplify your life thanks In Advance.

I could try :smiley:
There’s lots of happening, so will try to focus on the most overall things that could help!

  1. Fades In/Out - Almost every part of that effect is appearing/disappearing almost instantly. In reality it rarely happens (you can see that smoke just dissolves by mixing with air, rain drops split into smaller parts and soke, even thunder leaves kind of an image of itself after it disappears). So try to make them either dissolve with alpha or by some texture (like a noise)
  2. Movement - The way the orb and small particles move seems not natural either. I would try smoothing it a bit and add some variety with a subltle curl noise.
  3. Dynamics - The build up seems pretty linear - I would try making it so that movement at the very beginning of everything is really slow and it builds up to faster and faster till the explosion happens! It will add a lot of momentum to entire effect. Then having explosion be the top speed moment and everything slowing down again.
  4. Sorting problems - That orb seems to be rendering behind the thing on the ground, which makes it look kind of weird (you can play with sorting options)
  5. Attention - Make sure that part of an effect you want to put user’s attention on is contrasted to the rest. Right now my eyes are mostly looking at the ground thing and switching to orb, because I’m not sure what to focus on. If you want your build up to focus on the orb, then make it more emissive and look less static and desaturate the ground a bit. If you want the opposite then do the opposite :smiley:

I really like the colors and textures you’ve used. This effect definitely has a lot of potential!

I would also suggest starting small. So for instance focus first on only impact, or only build up and just when you are fully proud of them, then move out to next part of the effect. It makes it easier to work on (that’s how I always approach creating effects)

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thanks a lot for your feedback. It’s really helpful for me. I will try to do that all thing to do as much as I Can and get back to you here. thanks a lot.

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Sure! Will be glad to help further :smiley:

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Thanks a lot From the bottom of my heart.

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My best suggestion --while you keep learning vfx and any tools related to it-- is to watch this on the regular until it becomes a core memory: 12 Principles of Animation (Official Full Series) - YouTube

these principles for animation are super important for VFX (some a little less than others) and will greatly improve your skills over time :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot, I saw at ones but I think I have to keep Reversion of them :smiley:

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