Gingembre: Sketch #22

Hello, I’m new around here, and I’m going to try this sketch challenge.
I hope to improve myself and hopefully learn new techniques.

The concept ;

I’m going to take the Exploding Barrel as my base effect.
I think it will give me enough material to work with and it will surely help me improve my skill in EXPLOSIONS. (Who doesn’t like huge explosions?)
Exploding barrels can exist in tons of video games in so many different forms (Sci-fi, fantasy, heck, even regular barrel…), so I have a lot of choices ahead of me.

I’m going to try to emulate Breath of the Wild’s stylized effects as much as I can while trying to focus on the concept/shape of my effects, since colors are out of the equation in this challenge.

7 Variations ;

(I’m going to update with sketches later in the week, so keep an eye open! For now, here’s only the ideas and my references.)

Posting here an imgur album with references, because as a Novice, I’m not sure I’m allowed to post multiple pictures in one post.

I still have two other type of barrel to find, I think I’m going to make one more as a “toy” barrel (the little toy with a pirate head, exploding with swords) and another big barrel filled with even more barrels (think of the banana from the Worms series)

Edit : Here are the first sketches, I hope to post the last 3 asap.

The Party Barrel (aka ; Barrel of fun)

Just a regular wood barrel. OR IS IT?

The good old regular Powder barrel


Evil in a can

My favorite TvTrope. Inspired by the skill Horror of the Witchdoctor from Diablo.

Paint Barrel

Thanks for the idea @Lush !

Toxic Barrel

Regular biohazard explosion. Can’t use green on this one, so…here comes the big skull and the leaks!

Toy Barrel
Barrel o’ fish

I need to update my references too, for splatoon for exemple, the shape of my barrel is totally inspired by the suction bomb
Thank you too for your great ref collection, @simonschreibt , It’s gonna be really usefull soon!

Edit for the end : Damnit, I hadn’t time to finish this challenge!
I’m still going to do them for myself at my own pace tho. I really REALLY wants to try my hands at this Splatoon explosion barrel.


Hey @Gingembre!

Waiting for you to post your next update. Here’s an idea: make a Splatoon inspired barrel explosion with loads of paint coming out of it!

And yes, you’re allowed to post multiple pictures in one post, but the imgur album is also a nice solution.

Have a nice day!

Thanks for the collection of references. Will help me a ton! In case you’re interested in seeing my refs, here is a little collection of great stuff i saw in my past: Search FX

Thanks for the idea, @Lush , an effect inspired by splatoon soons really cool.
And thank you too for the references, @simonschreibt

Hopefully I can post the last 3 effects on my main post tomorrow.