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Hey guys :smiley:
My name is Rafał Ściblak and I am from Poland currently studying IT. Was lurking here and there on this forum checking stuff which you are posting. And so I decided to post my own first VFX reel.

The reel is made from vfx made for my school project, 32 particles in total. Some of them are really simple and some of them are a little bit more complex. Was aiming into something between stylized and realistic artstyle.

And if someone would want to I have uploaded my demo scene on Google Drive so you could play around with it in realtime.
Demo scene

Looking forward to your thoughts and criticism :slight_smile:


Tried to make some ground imapct vfx. UE4 this time.


I like the dust, although I wish it fell a little more naturally . Looks dope though! question about the crack in the ground. How’d you handle that?

It’s just a grayscale texture with alpha erosion applied.
Here’s the material for that.


ah of course. THere i go overcomplicating things again. Thanks man!

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A happy little doodle I have done recently :slight_smile:

Edit: fixed glows overstaying for a little bit too long on the ground and added version without skybox


Made some barrel explosions!


Barrel model by Nithish Kumar.


Finally found some free time to finish my Gates of Babylon VFX fanart :smiley:.


Main take

Swords take

Hit take

And a small breakdown.

Portal material:

Sword material:

Remap and pulse functions used in portal material

Portal blueprint constructor.
Went with dynamic materials because material parameter collection wouldnt allow me to handle multiple swords cutout when they are coming out of portals at different locations.

Sword shake is hand animated with curves.

Wind and power up texture:

Single portal blueprint:

Gates of Babylon system:

Weapon by Raven Loh. If you have any questions feel free to ask me :slight_smile:.

Welp no one told me blueprints were not working lol. Now they should and they have comments. Also added some more info to breakdown.


Made a kamehameha!

Textures were made with Photoshop and Substance Designer. Kamehameha beam was made with cascade beam typedata.

Gohan model by Bandai Namco
Animated by 桐丶夏