Gimil: Sketch #15 WIP

Hello there,
Trying to make some nice stylized explosion.
My main ref are explosions from konosuba anime.
This one to be exact:


Latest update:

First iteration:

Still needs a lot of work but u can see rough draft :stuck_out_tongue:

All the textures were made with Substance Designer


Is this a Konosuba Explosion :smiley:

Yeah it is :P, in reference you have which one exactly.

Cool, good luck, looking forward to it!

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A small update is here :slight_smile:
Added cloud rings, color ramp to make explosion more stylized like and a smooth glow texture to help it blend with ground better.

New version
Added crater, sparks, shockwaves, another cloud and played around with the timings.


it feels like the initial fx and the impact are disconnected. i think this is because initial fx are floating above the ground but it’s hard to see. something like a light cone in the center towards the ground that hangs out with the first one and fades out just as the impact fx happens might tie them together and help lead the eye.

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You mean the red circles right? Then yes, they are floating in air. Was thinking about tying it with ground somehow and the light cone might be the way. Thanks for idea :slight_smile:

Added light beam and a funnel. Should help lead the eye towards where explosion is gonna occur.

This would be somewhat final version I think.