Getting Started in Real Time VFX? Start Here!

Hey Max, there aren’t actually “vfx for mobile” so to speak. AAA, Indie, VR, Mobile, they’re all the same thing: real time fx. All of the resources provided can get you started on fx for mobile. The only difference among all those is your target platform, and the performance you need to get out of your effects. Mobile just needs to be much more streamlined than say something for PC. You’re not going to have 2048 textures and expensive materials and tons of polys in your geo.

Unfortunately, even working a lot with our tech artist I still don’t know much about profiling performance or what the limitations are for different platforms and how to profile for them specifically :frowning: that will probably be a Unity or Unreal forums question. I’m sure there are a few people on here who may be able to give you a better direction on that, so maybe posting in General Discussion would get you better answers.

The TL;DR is that vfx for mobile and vfx AAA PC are the same in process, the difference is the cost of the effect, and how to trim it down for mobile.

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Thanks for your support! i’ll post my question in General Discussion
Thank u :slight_smile:

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Thank you for that. I’m a beginner motion designer from Brazil, and I want to start to work with vfx for games, I just didn’t know how to start. You have just shown me the path to follow this dream.

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You could also check out CG Master Academy I have taken a couple of the FX courses and they have been well worth it.


That’s a really good content. Thank’s, buddy

I’m following the Pluralsight content transposing it to Unity and it’s great! My only question is: I think that the two Eat3d courses looks great but as they looks quite old from software pov, can be translated effectively on Unity3D now? I mean, without getting mad :slight_smile:

Do you mean their courses on Unity specifically? Or the Masterclass videos? Sorry for the very late reply :frowning:

There is a link suggested for the dvds on Advance vfx realtime create in 3ds Max and old unreal kit. I was asking if what it’s shown can be translated in Unity (maybe bridging with Shader Graph or Amplify Shaders) or if many stuff are Made with specific functions that can be Tricky to reproduce in Unity

If it’s the Visual FX Masterclass stuff by Jeremy Baldwin, that stuff is probably 95% transferable to Unity using Shaderforge or the Amplify Shaders. I haven’t used Amplify, but if it’s similar or an upgrade to Shaderforge, you can do just about everything with it. The materials are relatively simple in the nodes he is using, it’s Jeremy’s combination of them and how he applies them to things that’s advanced. Those two series, even right now are 10/10 worth the price for UE4 and Unity fx artists. You’ll just need to keep in mind that you are learning the concepts and workflow, and wont necessarily be recreating what he has 1 to 1.

The one thing you may run into that will prove a challenge, is a fair amount of his implementation is using UDK’s scripting stuff to drive end functionality. You can achieve all the visual stuff no problem in UE4 and Unity, but you it may take some creative problem solving and posting on Unity forums to translate the old Kismet stuff over into Unity scripting.

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Thanks for this post, it is very helpful.

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There is no where to advertise projects (unpaid sadly) that are friendly to new people getting started so i thought i would leave a comment here. I have made a topic in the general forums as well: Looking for new or experience VFX artsits to help our hobby game
Leave a message there if you are interested.

very thanks,Let me Profound Come to know VFX What is?
Secondly,I’m from China.English is not very good.So, learning VFX Difficult
I don’t know how to do it.How to learn:哭:哭:哭:


Thank you so much for this!!!
Been learning FX on the go as Im now doing vfx at shirogames (im alternating between that and concept art) and it’s been really fun to learn! Though a bit frustrating at times to wrap my head around the more technical aspects u_u But this entire forum is a goldmine!


I’m glad if even a little bit of this could help :slight_smile:

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Hey Travis … thank you for your precious informations and resources … they are so good.
i really like to break into VFX for games it so beautiful art! after reading this post i start to learn Unity!
ofcourse i don’t know what is the differences between HDRP and LWRP for VFX, but i see some tutorials and i can make simple shaders with shader graph and materials for particles but what makes me sad is scripting and coding…
e.g. in that tutorial the guy uses some line of scripting fire projectiles! like the floor or walls with mouse targeting.
actually i hate scripting and i don’t want to learn it! what matters to me is just Visual not coding, i don’t understand coding and never tried.:frowning:
so is UE4 has the same workflow? i mean you must need to know scripting? that’s cruel for peoples like me without any experience even one line of codeing.

You don’t need scripting knowledge in Ue4, but it is still highly recomended you at least know the basics.

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thank you for your answer!
basic of c++ or c#?
is that true unity needs coding for vfx? or just me thinking this way?:sweat_smile:
sorry i have another question
as an VFX artist, mainly what parts of game engine you should know?