Getting Started in Real Time VFX? Start Here!



Hey Max, there aren’t actually “vfx for mobile” so to speak. AAA, Indie, VR, Mobile, they’re all the same thing: real time fx. All of the resources provided can get you started on fx for mobile. The only difference among all those is your target platform, and the performance you need to get out of your effects. Mobile just needs to be much more streamlined than say something for PC. You’re not going to have 2048 textures and expensive materials and tons of polys in your geo.

Unfortunately, even working a lot with our tech artist I still don’t know much about profiling performance or what the limitations are for different platforms and how to profile for them specifically :frowning: that will probably be a Unity or Unreal forums question. I’m sure there are a few people on here who may be able to give you a better direction on that, so maybe posting in General Discussion would get you better answers.

The TL;DR is that vfx for mobile and vfx AAA PC are the same in process, the difference is the cost of the effect, and how to trim it down for mobile.


Thanks for your support! i’ll post my question in General Discussion
Thank u :slight_smile: