Get VFX textures / images


I am looking for more VFX images / textures to prototype and create effects with.
I am not looking for flipbooks. I am rather looking for simple image masks like swirls, stars, projectiles, bursts etc.

Do you know where to buy these images as a collection / library / pack of >1000+ with a good quality of at least 1024² pixels ?


I’d recommend taking a look first at the free resources out there. Gumroad has a few quality textures!

Also, you can check out Kenny’s particle texture pack, it is 100% free, no attribution required even. The textures are rather generic/simple, but they are super good. I even used them recently on some assets I made for the asset store incidentally.

luo also made a quality pack on the unreal marketplace!

Niels Dewitte also has some textures on his homepage:

It’ll be hard to find 1024² textures throughout as it is (has been) not common to use textures large than 512² for simple shapes. Most of the time you can even get away with using 128² or 256², depending on the size of the effect. If your sprite is not large than 512px on screen, there is no benefit of having a 1024² texture.
You can always manually scale those up in an image software and slightly blur them to get rid of artifacts.
Or you create your own, e.g. with this tool:

On a side note: Having a massive library can be nice, but it’s quite likely you’ll be using the same shape textures over and over anyway. At least for 90% of your fx. This is all the more true for noise textures. Just having aving about 5-10 high quality noise textures will set you up for life :slight_smile:

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Thank you @Nokdef and @TobiasTobasco. Helpful info.

The only additional particle / sprite pack I found on Gumroad is:

But it seems not very useful for the amount of money.

I also searched at Artstation… without luck.
Honestly, I am very surprised that there isn’t a bigger market… yet.

So if you find offers let’s collect them and share these here in the future. :smiley:

I bought this pack:
and can recommend!

But yeah, you are right, it is not a very big market.

Oh, this looks useful for only 1,45€. Thanks @Nokdef. The clouds library of this creator also looks useful.

I found this particle library at the TimelineFX website.

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