Geckoh2o: Sketch # 36

Preview Update video:


Well, this is fantastic. I was already planning to redo an old effect of mine.

So for this sketch, I’m going to almost completely rework this fire-based AOE attack I made from
Gabriel Aguiar Prod’s Udemy course a lil while back (fantastic course btw). Timing-wise, this effect is not too bad, but I definitely feel that I can improve some areas. Mainly I want to facilitate that the effect is indeed fire-based other than the color. As it stands right now the effect could be almost any element just by changing the color. I also just want to make it a little more clear as to where the effect is dealing damage.

Road map:
Improve visual clarity.
Change characteristics.

First step taken: Replacing the trail/ribbon with a temporary scrolling material.


Small update before the bigger changes

I decided to do away with the shader scrolling in a circle. I couldn’t get it to look as organic as I wanted. So this is what I ended up with. I may still make some changes to it specifically with the timing.


Quite the departure from the original. (Update 2)

I decided to toil with texture layering and noise I generated from World Machine. The idea to use noise from World Machine is credited to @jqarlsson 's post (Make Noise Textures with World Machine - #16 by jqarlsson) really awesome post for anyone interested. I messed with this anticipation effect for awhile. I wanted to keep the cylinder mesh from the original. So, I just ended up stretching it into a beam because I couldn’t figure out what I wanted to do with it. I also increased the anticipation time by 0.5.

Now onto the explosion!


Meant to upload this awhile back. Well better late than never!

Nothing too fancy when it comes to developing the shader for the ball of fire. I used a similar technique where I used a voronoi pattern generated from World Machine. This was just like the anticipation effect, but this time I added a radial shear to give it some distortion. The rest is just fading the alpha with Vertex streams.

After that I added a sphere shaped distortion wave, camera shake, and made lots of edits to the timing. The timing is something I definitely struggled with, but the guys over on the Discord pointed me in the right direction! The last little touch was my first attempt at a hand drawn flipbook animation in the form of a flame.

Final + comparison video: