GDC 2019 Mixer

Hey all! This year we’re putting together the biggest VFX community party yet, in collaboration with the community. We’ve got multiple sponsors who have generously helped to make this a memorable event. The plan is to celebrate this coming Monday night, after the VFX bootcamp. Space is limited, so be sure to RSVP if you’d like a spot!

Excited to party with you there!


Awww man…the year that I decide not to attend GDC, major Fomo, excuse me while I go cry in the corner :cry::cry::cry:


I’ll be there with another Riot FX Lead Brian Vinton :slight_smile: Looking forwards to seeing you all! :star2:


100% this :sob:

workload too heavy


One day I’ll attend GDC, that day will come eventually haha!

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See you guys there :slight_smile:


I will be there with a senior thesis partner curious about vfx Cain Hopkins! Looking forward to meeting you all!


Yuuup. >:frowning: I"m feelin this. :star_struck: Wow. This place… wow. NICE.
That said, this is quite a long ways away if you walk from The Moscone Center. :confused:
Well, I’ve RSVP’d anyway. I guess I’ll play by ear per the group, or have to make some backup plans.

Dang ya’ll. What a venue though. Bravo.

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I’m sure a lot of us will be headed straight there from the VFX Bootcamp… let’s all coordinate cabs together to get there!


Looking forward to it! Thanks for organizing, as always. Looks like a lovely venue. :slight_smile:

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Which corner are you in? I’ll see you there


Dang, I won’t be there until Tuesday.

I wont make it this year, but I hope you all have a good time, and give eachother a big hug from tiny me :slight_smile: i’ll do everything in my power to make it next year.

The one without arcade machines or cool vfx peeps, bring tissues I’m running out… :sob:

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yay! registered. :slight_smile: See you guys at GDC!

Hi Hi I’ll be there! I’m very ready to try and beat my personal record on some pinball tables


its a Across the ocean voice: i very want to go GDC ,unfortunately the distance very far… i am in China :哭泣:哭泣:哭泣:

Sadly, won’t be there.
Have all a great vfx partyyyyyy!:grinning::star2: