[GBVS] Gran's fireball "recreation"

Hello. I like GBVS, so I wanted to remake main character fireball. It looks like this:

Oh, boy. It didn’t turned out well XD

The original FX has 4 frames of flipbook animation, so I made one as well. However when I put it in
UE, I got a strong desire to hide it with a bunch of other layers XD

This is my version:

Main spark lasts 0.5 sec
Ring - 0.3 sec
Additional purple sparks - 0.4 sec
Core - 0.5 sec

Any feedback? I know that it is already doesn’t look like a reference, but I want to finish it.

All materials are Additive Unlit. Is there a way to put main spark infront of other effects? Currently both ring and purple spark are clearly rendering before it…

To change the render order go to the Renderer of each emitter and manually set the Sort order. Making the number bigger will make it render in front of lower numbers.

However, if everything is simply additive then it will all just add together. You want to make things translucent unlit if you’d like them to render in front of other things.

With regards to feedback, I think you should focus on fixing the overall silhouette of the effect first. If you look at your reference all the shapes suck in to the middle in a spiral. It looks like your later frames are sidesways, I think you should make them point in to the center. Are you hoping to get as close as possible to this reference? Can you share your flipbook?

Tnx for the feedback.

It got blured via UE blend. It probably need to be tilted in 3d, to get the curve, but I’ll do it later.