Galactic Sword - Pataya's Sketchbook

Last work


Heya there.

Been here for a while, figured it’s time to share some of my work :blush:

I wanted to give a shot at a LoL-inspired VFX, to try to replicate the snappy and flashy visuals of the game. Hope it turned out ok, tell me your feedback! :smiley:


nice !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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This is looking really great! Awesome work.

Hi, I’m the VFX Lead for skins on League.

You’ve really succeeded in making the timing feel very punchy! It’s very clear the timing of when the gmaeplay important moments are: It’s good that the lingering elements of the explosion are reduced to a secondary element. You have some really awesome anticipation on the missile launch.

You’ve done an excellent job on the colours as well, the complementary colour scheme is feeling really good, with the purples being less saturated, it really helps to make the head of your missile the primary element. At the moment this feels like it exists in the Arclight thematic.

You have some good variety in your shapes as well, with some sharp shapes in the hit effect, this helps make it feel really damaging!

If I were to give constructive feedback on this missile if it were in League, it would largely depend on how strong the ability was. At the moment, this is definitely reading like an Ultimate ability in terms of importance - it is very bright.

I do think that you could make improve the anticipation of the launch effect, by making the colours “heat up” by going through a few different hues. This might also help to indicate how close it is to launch as well.

Additionally, I think you could do a pass on the missile itself, adjusting the values, contrast hues and to make the front of the missile ther clear area of focus:

Also, I think you could increase clarity on your warning indicator. At the moment, it is brightest when it is very wide. This suggests to me that this is the hitbox for this missile. However, based on the size of the missile itself, it looks like the indicator is smaller than this. I would suggest making the indicator brightest when it most closely matches the hitbox:

Overall, you’ve made a really awesome, satisfying effect! If you ever want to create an existing League ability, I’d gladly give targeted feedback on that as well. Keep up the great work!


Wow thank you so much for taking the time to give such detailed feedback!
The heat up effect is such a cool idea, it would definitely sell the charging state even better :smile:
That’s some great insight for the head front / the indicator too, gotta nail that gameplay clarity!

While I’m at it, I’m currently working on a Dark Star Diana skin, here’s the R abitlity that I made over the weekend. I’d be glad to hear your feedbacks on this one too!

Thanks again :blush:


Looking super cool!

Again this is feeling really punchy! You definitely have a fantastic sense of timing.

Colour wise, whilst you’re using the correct colours, I think to match Dark star I think this needs a lot more alpha blend purple behind your additive effects. Dark star should feel really Dark, scary and spooky.

You could also put this shape in your impact frame:

That’s symbolic of dark star

If you wanted to go really crazy (like if this were a legendary skin or something), you could have have her Ult open a portal to the dark star universe, between the pull and the explosion, a bit like dark cosmic Jhin:

We have settings on league where this is displayed only for Jhin, whilst other players get a cleaner, simpler version for gameplay clarity.

Overall though, I’d say this is looking really great, fantastic work


Wooww thanks, I try to put a lot of effort in juicy timing, glad you like it!
This is such precious feedback, I’ll definitely try to apply it.

(Also putting a dark star shape in a Dark Star skin… How could I forget that :smile:)

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Looks like I’m done here :blush: It was a lot of work but a really fun project! Would have loved making the sword attacks too, but I have other important projects to finish. Hope you like it!


Superb … beautiful colors and timing <3

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Thanks a lot ! :smile:

The colours are sooo good, as well as the punches of timing and the distortions! Super satisfying to watch !!!

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Thank you so much! :blush:

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Here’s my reel updated for 2020! Most VFXs were made during last year.


Made a small doodle during lockdown, no specific goal, just for fun :slight_smile:


testing some kaleidoscope aesthetics for an upcoming project :thinking:


Hi Pataya, Can I have your Summoner rift unity project? The empty project, I just want the map.
Thank you!

Hey ChenXin, you can find it here on Sketchfab!

I tried thuis model before, but I can’t import the model properly into unity.
This is how it look in unity. I didn’t change anything, just direct imported the files. What else I need to do to fix the model?

Yeah I had to do a quick pass in Blender to flip the normals as they were indeed facing the wrong way by default for some reason

Hey are you doing your kaleidoscope with Procedural UVs, or using some kind of weird UV’d mesh?

yep it’s all in the shader, the mesh is just a default billboard particle!