FX Reference Video Pack

I was recently lucky enough to do some travelling and have collected over 550 short FX reference videos, totalling 2 hours in length, covering Rain, Fire, Water, Cloth and more…

The whole pack is available on my Gumroad page for just $4.99.


Sorry to necro this old thread but i’ve just updated this collection with over 100 new videos and made it all free - enjoy!


Bringing up this old thread again - here’s the Reference Video Pack i mentioned at one of the GDC Roundtables - over 750 short videos and 350 stills that i’ve collected over the last couple of years. All completely free for whatever you want to use them for.

Recently updated with about 100 new videos.


me again - another update with lots of fire and some snow videos from my xmas break in Finland. Sadly Gumroad won’t let me have a pack this size be free anymore, but it’s only $5!

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Thanks man! I wish there would be a good online platform somewhere to collect stuff like this to be easily watchable (like youtube, without any download-first) and a good tagging system so that the community can contribute together to one big reference-collection (instead that everyone has it’s own little collection).
I was looking for a simple platform and sadly the only good-working solution seems to be the facebook-vfx-ref-group because it’s the only platform i could find, where everyone could add videos AND tag them. via search-field those tags are findable and then you just go for #ice #explosion and find everything with those both tags. unfortunately facebook isn’t my favorite place to be and you need an account to see the groups :frowning: still hoping that someday a magical new thing just appears like it was with the realtime vfx forum :smiley:

Already working on it :wink:

I bought the pack and it’s really nice! A lot of cool stuff in there. One thing I could imagine would be a nice addition: Impacts.

Stone falls into water, foots trample on different grounds (dust clouds), cars brake heavily, things get smashed…those kind of interactions between “elements” could be nice.

In any way, very cool videos!

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So I’ve just done another free update to this collection so it’s over 1000 videos now! And because we’re doing a Fire challenge this month I’m giving the fire reference away free: