Fun introduction video for VFX

The fine folks in art education at Riot put together a slick video series for game-development newcomers. Thought I’d share the video focused on VFX:


lol visual fffffffffffffff

amazing vid for people who just starting out! or who have no idea what to do in terms of game dev. great stuff.


hey man…stop it…you’re gonna create competition


This is amazing! The advice of having a good cry before starting is 100% Accurate hahaha.

Love this :smiley:


I think we’ve all be there

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love it! super cool great video! amazing content, perfectly produced!

Ok, so when starting vfx, first thing you’re gona want to do is,… cry?
I don’t think that is the message that we want to give people that just started out :smiley:

Also @Keyserito you should have totaly plugged your vfx behind the scenes videos.

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Wow, this is very well done, I’m impressed. This is amazing work from your education team. Everything is spot on.
Well done to you guy as well, it’s not easy talking naturally in front of a camera.

And of course, great content, both informative and fun.

Great video guys. Good info and lots of laughs.

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This was amazing! Really hope we can make more of those educational videos. :slight_smile:

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Hi Keyserito,

thank you guys! Great video, it nail’s the points very well!!!


Great video! Like jokes and animations. And thanks for advises from team :blush:

@Keyserito awesome vid! Also super cool to see that my pyro fx made the cut! :slight_smile: PS - I’m a huge fan of your youtube chan & LoL VFX. Great work all-round!

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