[Full-time/Remote] - Web 3D Artist - Active Theory

Active Theory is an award-winning, independent creative studio. We make some of the highest quality digital experiences for clients around the world, and we are growing.

We care about creating never seen before interactive experiences on the web for world class clients. We’re constantly asking ourselves what a digital experience can be.

We remain deeply committed to our philosophies and are looking for like-minded people from around the world who want to learn and play like we do.

We are looking for a highly skilled and passionate 3D artist specializing in real-time.

Our area of expertise relates to bringing to life interactive experiences using WebGL via a web browser. The production flow of developing these experiences is similar to a Unity/Unreal pipeline and we have our own in-house browser-based editing tools that replicate many of the same features.

You’ll work alongside talented designers and developers who excel at their area of expertise. Your specific skillset within the pipeline will be the creation of 3D assets and the optimization/deployment of those assets into our browser-based engine. Working alongside developers you’ll bring those assets to life with programmatic animations and shaders.

Our work and our tools are constantly changing as technology and user devices continue to rapidly evolve. We work with a wide range of innovative technology solutions that all come with unique challenges and constraints. You should have a willingness to learn new software/techniques on a regular basis.

Senior level is ideal – we want someone who has desire to manage others, if not immediately, then soon. Growth abounds here. But if you are a solid mid-level person who can work super autonomously, that has value here, too.

Full time is also desired, but depending on location (and applicable laws), we are open to freelancers. We are fully remote – we are open to anyone in the world willing to work our main studio hours (Los Angeles & Amsterdam).


  • Strong portfolio showing 3D art skills and demonstrating a high level of artistic creativity.
  • Expert knowledge of 3D Software Package; such as Cinema4D
  • Experience with Substance Painter/Designer or similar
  • Experience baking lighting for real-time usage
  • Excellent knowledge of real-time modeling techniques
  • Strong high & low resolution modeling and texturing skills
  • Good knowledge of optimizing assets for real-time usage

Daily Responsibilities

  • Create 3D models and textures in accordance with the artistic direction, production deadlines and technical specifications
  • Sculpt/model UV & texture and integrate both high & low polygon meshes in a real-time pipeline
  • Verify the quality of objects in the production pipeline, and make improvements where necessary to fit technical constraints and artistic direction
  • Mentor and train other 3D artists, now or in near future

Other Skills:

  • Good organization skills
  • Strong time management skills
  • Excellent communication skills (spoken and written)
  • Coaching/mentoring skills
  • Self-motivated and agile
  • Someone who can work autonomously – and enjoys doing so

Hope you are doing well!
Willing to assist the requirement.
Hope to hear from you soon.

Fantastic, you can apply for the job here: https://apply.workable.com/activetheory/j/E433BE4222/

Filled the application.
Looking forward for the feedback.