[Full-Time/On-Site or Remote] - VFX Artist - Donut Lab

Hey hey! Donut Lab is looking for a talented VFX artist for Kids vs Zombies game.

TO DO :gun:

  • creation of special battle effects: explosions, magic spells, soda jets, lightning, etc. We work at the intersection of sprite sequences and the capabilities of the Particle System;
  • parametric animation of UI elements (curves);
  • creation of the necessary assets and technical preparation for integration (atlases and that’s all);
  • adjustment and writing of simple shaders (animation of arrows, run of highlights);
  • close interaction with the art team and the development team;

SKILLS :joystick:

  • 2+ years of experience in developing effects for mobile games on Unity3D;
  • work in the style of effects Kids VS Zombies;
  • understanding of hardware and limited capabilities of mobile devices;
  • knowledge of Unity3D, ability to work with content;

SUPER POWER :syringe:

  • experience with video editors (for example, After Effects) for prototyping effects;
  • skills in writing simple shaders for Unity3D;
  • knowledge of C#;

OFFER :doughnut:

  • convenient schedule
  • super-comfortable and cozy office in Saint Petersburg
  • comfortable nice fee;
  • employment in an American company.

Contact me at vika@donut.games