[Full-Time]Looking for VFX artist: Entry Level!

Hey all! Im a VFX artist at PocketGems in San Francisco. We are a mobile studio with several great games and more in the works! We are looking to fill our VFX position that is open on the War Dragons team. GREAT OPPORTUNITY FOR ENTRY LEVEL ARTIST!

  • Update 1: Unfortunately, we cannot accept out of country applicants at this time.
  • Update 2: This position is for an on-site artist. Please keep this in mind when applying!

Please check out this job posting and feel free to hit me up on LinkedIn for any questions.

Job Posting Here

Hit me up on LinkedIn!

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We are still looking to fill this position! If you plan to apply, please let me know so I can push you straight through to the review team! DM me with your name, portfolio, website/LinkedIn Profile and resume if you have one.

This position is still open! Please take a look at the first post updates!