[FREELANCE][REMOTE] Small Pivot Painter project (Blender Python + Unreal material)


I’m looking for someone who can help me with a small “pipeline” for my indie game:

  • Modify Pivot Painter Blender add-on to create a single texture per scene, where each scene contains a number of modular 3D tiles (around 60 low-poly meshes).
  • Modify the above add-on to record the quad centers (normal direction would be a welcome bonus) in each mesh instead of object pivot (above mentioned scene has around 400 faces).
  • Create a material function in Unreal that retrieves the quad center for each vertex (material should be usable with VertexInterpolator node, or please educate me why it can’t be used).

Example Blender scene will be provided as well as an Unreal Project, and we can go through details over Discord via voice/screensharing.

Please message me directly here if you are interested with an estimate and your rates. I pay via bank transfer and have paid freelancers both in the EU and US so far and it has worked out fine.