[Freelance][Part-Time][Small Contract] - Senior VFX for The Last Clockwinder (Unity)

Hey everyone!

We’re getting close to shipping The Last Clockwinder, and we could use the help of a senior Unity VFX artist to polish the game with a handful of effects.

The scope of work is very low – maybe a week’s worth of work – and it would be well suited to evenings/weekends work if someone is looking to pick up a bit of extra work on the side of a full time job. ~10hrs a week would be just fine. If everything goes smoothly, more work could follow.

We’re primarily looking for a senior vfx artist that could hit the ground running, manage their own time, and is already familiar with Unity and tools like Shadergraph or HLSL. This is a mobile VR game, so effects would be primarily done via animated meshes and shaders, and performance is a big concern.

If you’re interested, please reach out via the contact form at Contact — Pontoco