Free noise textures [2048x2048, tileable]


Sharing some free noise textures that I made with a computer shader simulation of the Physarum transport model.

Format: .png
Size: 2048x2048
Quantity: 10
Tileable: yes

Download HERE.

The provided files are under CC0 license (you can enhance and reuse the works for any purposes without restriction under copyright or database law).


thanks for sharing these.

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Thank you for sharing, very nice!

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Thank you for these… awesome :slight_smile:

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These look great!
Always like the sound of the word “Free” as well :smiley:

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These look really interesting. Thanks!

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Oh gosh, I did not expect such positivity! Now I will definitely need to make another pack :grin: Thanks everybody for the kind comments :heart:

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How do you generate them?

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Hey, thanks for the comment!

They were generated with a compute shader that was just put on a simple plane and then edited in photoshop so that they would be completely seamless. If you are interested in learning about compute shaders I really recommend this workshop, I finished it and got to learn some pretty cool topics (including how to generate similar textures like these ones!). It is quite advanced though, but I managed to do it with limited programming knowledge :slightly_smiling_face: