Fredrik Marcus VFX Sketchbook

Hi everyone!

I’ve been following this forum for a long time now, and I’ve been inspired by so many others on here to post my development and to seek feedback from as many of you as possible! I really want to take my VFX to the next level and I need your help to get me there ! :smile:

GIF 15-11-2021 23-19-56

I would like to start with this piece which was actually originally a work test I did for a potential job. It got some good feedback, but unfortunately it fell short in the complexity of the materials. I’ve since made a few changes to it, and would love to hear from a visual perspective which ways you think it could be improved. Personally I feel that it’s missing some layer of finish to make it really pop, but I’m having a hard time putting my finger on exactly what is making me feel that way. It’s made in Unity URP without any post-processing. Thanks for checking it out!

I’ve turned down the various travel effects to make it read a bit better. I think it was a bit too much with very many different colours at the same time. It wasn’t quite clear where to look, and there wasn’t much variation in excitement as the effect played - it was demanding on the eye the entire length of the effect. Now the rocks are less glowly, the fire that spawns along the path is reduced in brightness and the lifetime of all particles during the seeking phase have been reduced. I believe this makes it a bit easier to follow, and subtly shows which parts of the effect matter the most - the spawning and the impact. I think next I can work on some of the textures for the effect to make them a bit crisper, especially the elemental fire at the beginning and the dust behind the smaller rocks.

As always, feedback appreciated!

GIF 18-11-2021 22-06-41