Frederick Poulin: Sketch #13 WIP

I’ve been working on this for a little bit and thinking about changing the rainbow shot, because I feel like it doesn’t mesh well with the rest of it. I’m still not totally sold on my ideas for this but I’ll see where this goes for now.

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I think, youre feeling that way because theres nothing very “rainbow” about it at the moment.
What its missing is definitely a bit of movement on ithe projectiles material, and tail. That’ll definitely help it.

Also the energy build up is a bit weak. I dont feel like its about to do any harm. You might try to make it look like its generating some kind of heat, or electricty around it? make it look like its distorting the area around it before it launches off this destructive force of energy?

Just my thoughts.

good thoughts and I think I agree about lacking rainbow in the bullet and I’ll play around with the energy buildup, I do like the idea of heat or electricity building up.

My current progress on this month’s sketch, kind of confused about Unreal’s emissive intensity since it seems to blow out the colors and send them all to white.

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