Forcefield shader

I am working on new Unity Asset Store package. This time I want to create some kind of forcefield shader. I am not sure yet what it should be exactly, I am really blindly experimenting here.

So far I put a very simple shader with edge intersection highlights and some basic distortion. I am thinking about putting this into deferred path and do some specular lighting and depth based blur. I am not sure, really. Any ideas are much appreciated :slight_smile:


How about some particle stuff, maybe spawn little smoke particles on intersections. Like laser cleaners:

PS: By the way, are you planning to do a breakdown of you awesome TGT contest vfx anytime soon? =)

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I’d go for some sort of emissive pattern (typical language would be hexagons/circuitry/electric) across the blank section (adds more interest, makes it easier to see over blank environments, could work without distortion for an optimised version).

Maybe the specular/blur beyond routes would add enough interest though (frosted glass direction).

Thanks for the suggestions. I’ll try doing something very sci-fi generic so hex patterns, moire and electricity. I think this should be pretty good for the Asset Store as it fits many different games out there.

@BalanceFiend I will do the breakdown for sure, I just need some time :wink:

As for the particles in the intersections. I don’t know how to do it efficiently in realtime. I could raytrace against objects here and there but this would not be very precise. The idea seems to be cool tho. This could add a lot to the feeling of the forcefield.