Foozle's Sketchbook (and introduction)



Hey everybody, just wanted to introduce myself, I’m Michael, you sometimes can find me on the web under the name juicefoozle. I’m an UI Designer (non games) and Illustrator, and a game design hobbyist for almost a decade with never finishing anything. I’m 36 years old, proud dad of a 2 years old boy and have a dog that is totally nuts and I live in Berlin.

Why I’m here?
Because I love to experiment with Unity and Amplify Shader Editor and want to dig deeper into the real-time vfx field and have the feeling that this place is a great room for learning and exchange.

A Grass shader I made using amplfy SE

and if you are curious, or are using ASE as well, i got the graph here, along with a collection of other graphs i found on twitter:

I also made an unity editor script a while ago to create radial animations, which was mainly just iterating through an array and creating tweens for each added point with custom easing. it’s a bit complicated to describe, but you could make tons of these in a couple of minutes:

I still have to figure out the best way to get my gifs up here, as all my others seem to be too big.
But actually I am not here to show the old stuff, I want to create something new, and to motivate myself a bit, I started this here, and of course to say hello…so…
Hi everybody.



Welcome Micheal, These are some pretty cool examples you have of your work with amplify. I primarily work in Unreal but have been hearing a lot of good things about Amplify for Unity. I’ll admit seeing your memorizing laser light show gifs at the bottom of your post is tempting me to take a look haha.


Welcome to the community Michael! We look forward to seeing more of your work here!


Welcome! Those radial animations are really cool!

For larger giphs you can try uploading to a 3rd party site like Imgur or Giphy, and directly paste the link in your post to emded.


I just happen to learn ASE in Unity, and then I saw your post. Today it was a good day.


Glad to hear that.
The examples ASE comes with have been an excellent starting point for me, but the ones in the twitter collection (moment) put some things just one step further.
The melting shader even found its way into the community examples that come with the ASE unity package, just mentioning it, just in case you wanted to recreate that graph.

@Everybody: Thanks for the very kind welcome. Right after I posted this here I got booked (unrelated to this thread :wink: , I’m a freelancer) so that’s why i went directly silent again, but I should continue my explorations by end of next week

until then, here is a quick stylized campfire i did recently only using particle trails and experimenting with the new particle system force fields (currently only available in the unity 2018.3 beta)


cheers, and I hope I’ll return soon with some new and more exciting work :wink:
Have a nice day,