First Projectile Unity - Feedback appreciated :)


Made my first projectile. Would be grateful for advice\feedback!!!
I realized that I don’t understand when to stop trying to make it better and say “ok, it’s good enough for what it is” :frowning: Does anyone else has this feeling?

Link to the projectile:

First Projectile

Also don’t understand how to embed video right to the post body :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :roll_eyes:

I think this all looks good. If I have a critique, it’s that the amount of charge-up makes the impact fx feel like a bit of an anticlimax. When you are rapid-firing the projectiles, they feel fine, but when there’s a detailed charge-up, I want a pay-off that releases all the energy that I saw the projectile build up! If this is supposed to be a relatively low-damage move, I’d make the charge fx faster and smaller; if it’s supposed to be a high-impact move, I’d make the projectile explosion bigger and slower. The effects for Sephiroth’s Flare in Smash Bros is where I’d look to see a relationship between charge-time and projectile explosion size.