First Month of Rinbans VFX Class


Quite some time since I posted here :smile:
I wanted to share the particles I made in the last two weeks, which were done in the first month of Rinbans korean VFX course. ( )Also to talk a bit about it, for the people that are unsure if they should take it.

First of all, my results so far:
Month 1 VFX

Overall I´m quite happy with the results and (thanks) to me being sick for two weeks, I actually had the time to polish them a lot more, than my job wouldve allowed me otherwise.

Regarding the course and if you should take it:

The course itself is amazing, Rinban is a great teacher and all the lectures are done in a very easy to follow way, with a lot of repetition, so it really gets stuck in your brain. The techniques you learn are very nice and a lot different to what most of us do outside of korea/china regarding vfx. Learning those workflows and techniques is insanely cool and something I wanted for a long time.

Now regarding the elephant in the room, the language barrier.

I need to say it was not a huge issue to follow, even tho I dont even understand a single korean word.
BUT you will definitely need to know your programs quite a lot, I was able to follow the parts inside of Unreal without any issue, but that was definitely more bcs of my 7 years of experience in Unreal and not the explaination. The big advantage is still, that most of Unreal is still English, so you can almost always read the materials at least. But overall the results will be heavily influenced on how much you really take your time on understanding what you just did. Since you kind of need to figure out yourself, why he does it that way, you will spend around 50% more time on each video, than you would usually.

Overall I still highly recommend the course, for everybody that is a more intermidiate/ advanced VFX artist, who wants to learn new techniques from a very good teacher. I would recommend at least 2 years of experience with VFX/shader writing and Unreal,if you wanna take it.

Hope this helps some people that are still thinking about joining in! :heart:


Very nice work!
A feast of beautiful shields…



Finally managed to get a bit of time to record the effects from the second month and wanted to show them off as well^^

Sadly didnt have a lot of time, when building them back then, wouldve loved to put a bit more time into polishing the different effects, since definitely all of them are worth to shine :sparkles:

Tried playing around for the video with some sound effects for the first time as well to support the effects and hide the little issues some particles have :smiley:


Thank you so much for all the information about the course, Ati! I was really interested in it, but from what I can see it doesn’t even have subtitles… Is that correct? :confused:

Yes it sadly doesnt have any subtitles so far :sweat_smile:
You will need to try to teach yourself why certain things are done the way shown, I dont personally found it a huge issue, but it definitely takes some time on top of the already quite lengthy lectures.

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Yoooo Ati haha, awesome work! :smile:

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