First ever Demo Reel, Just in time for GDC

I think this is my first official topic on this forum! I’m Natalie, a senior game design student at Champlain College. I’ve been interested in VFX for a while, and I’ve been teaching it to myself for about a year now.

I’m looking for feedback, critique and suggestions, as well as things like, topics to research, threads, or other topics that might help me learn more!


Hey Natalie. I would say that the transition to the 2 rings needs be tightened up. There’s a clear beat between the 2, instead of one flowing into the other.
Also, the particles at the end hang around for too long. Either they need to die off sooner or carry some more momentum as they fade out.

The fire feels laboured. Have a look at some reference and you’ll see that the movement is snappy.

I think your last piece is the strongest of the 3.


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I gotta agree with Mike. That laser is the Jam. A lot of oomph. I gotta ask, with the black orb, Why did you choose that background? I feel like it would look better with a ground plane, but that could just be me. I’d also make the shockwaves faster, or atleast play with it. TO see what I can get out of it, because right now i feel like it stays on for like 1-2 too many frames. Lookin tight though imo.

Im so bad at keeping up with updates for things I’ve done. I redid, basically everything in the demo reel after getting a ton of Feedback I think its a bit better now. NatalieFrostVFXReel on Vimeo

Nice, I liked that black hole bomb animation.

Yeah the Blackhole bomb with the objects that get sucked in is really cool. Btw, still studying ?

EDIT: Other than what i’ve said, i think your embers are a bit too thick and long. You can specially see it with the fire and the explosion at the end of the Blackhole.

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Nice work. I’m a newbie to VFX so take what I say with a grain of salt. One thing I’d say about the fire VFX is that the embers flying upwards from the fire are quite uniformed and appear to be living for similar amounts of time as well as moving with a similar flow.

Otherwise good stuff. :slight_smile:

That black hole is tight! How’d you get those meshes to warp like that?! Is that some Displacement going on?

Probably Something similar to this: DeepSpaceBanana Art - Art


oh thanks Fenix! hadnt seen this before. Very cool .

I’ve graduated now, but I’m always learning!!
Yeah I want to redo the fire completely since its uhhhh… the opposite of game-ready.

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Thanks for sharing this Fenix!