FireBall Houdini Help?

Hi! First post here. So I’m working on creating a fireball effect in ue4, i am creating the impact effect inside houdini, the issue im having is i cant figure our how to make the smoke dissapear at the same rate as the flame. There doesent seem to be much help for houdini online, so im asking here.

The gas dissapate microsolver doesent seem to be effecting the smoke at all, and i dont want to turn up the cooling rate for the entire sim because i like the flames as they are.

anyone got any ideas? thank you in advance

node setup:

Have you tried messing around with the pyro shader at all? If I remember correctly you can keyframe smoke density… but it will disappear abruptly once it hits 0.

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I completely forgot about keyframing, was looking for the setting to do it, guess there are many ways to do the same thing with Houdini, thanks alot :slight_smile:

I suggest you create a sparse solver from the shelf and dive in to see how their dissipate is set because yours doesn’t seem right.
First of all why is your source volume in the last input (thats forces).