Fire (Videos & Images)



I’ll kick this off with all the reference I’ve collected on fire and flame. Currently, there are 84 pins on this board, with more to come.

I’m curious to see what sorts of fiery reference everyone else has gathered. Please add anything you find to this thread, so we can all partake in the awesomeness :^D


A few of my favorite gifs from this Pinterest board:


Wanted to add to the collection and also test my first post, let me know if there are any issues!


Here take my refs.


I’m gonna see just how much I can go ham in posting gifs here…


A few more, this time in 3D! I’ve got a lot more from huaban and cgwell, but for some reason, the gifs don’t imbed…


Found this on Asbjørn Lystrup’s Twitter feed. It’s a fluid sim with some cool post effects.


Ball of matches set on fire to create a fire vortex


Rayman Legends VFX by Neeko

Some others by him (other project)



How did I miss this one? This is awesome! Thanks for posting!


Stop-Motion Fire. :fire: May prove inspirational.


this compilation is just amazing :heart_eyes:



Great smoke and fire reference