Fire Tornado Effect

Hello Everyone, I made a Simple Fire Tornado Effect with working projectile movement visual scripting BP and Niagara ue5, Looking for feedback and ideas to improve it

At the moment, the effect is lacking characteristics which connect well to what someone might expect a tornado to look like. I’d encourage you to look at some reference images and decide what’s visual elements you think make a tornado look like a tornado.

Here’s a Unity tutorial that GabrielAguiar has created on the effect as well, which you can use to help improve your effect.

Definitelly try to mask top part of the tornado (you can try to mask bottom part too or add extra stuff there). You will avoid hard edges :slight_smile:

Hello Aaron, Thank you for your feedback, I watched Tornado VFX, and Gabriel used Radial Shear Node
in unreal Vector to Radial value . it was not looking good,so I would try and see

Hello Blazej:
for the hard Edges :slight_smile: I tried depth fade and I made a uv mask (R) and one minus and I recreated mesh with black vertex paint so it can fade when I multiply with (A)

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i think this article :slight_smile: Radial Shear in Unreal - Real Time VFX

I had updated the mesh so it can have vertex distortion to break hard
this Is the used shader and with mask on the G