Fire ball: Riot Contest

Im new to the Real Time VFX forums, and I thought it would be fun to post my progress as I craft an effect for the Riot Games VFX Contest. Feedback and ideas are welcome!


So far I am blocking out stuff by kitbashing stuff from my library. Not focusing on build up or animation just yet. (also figuring out the best way to upload gifs)

This is just the beginning !


Here is some more work done! gif compresses out most the deeper reds so that makes me sad.
Onward for more progress!


Self destruction skill :laughing:

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And here is another update! Im going to start moving towards the explosion, and spawning of the fireball.
However I think I will be changing course from my initial concept, I will make the fireball travel like a projectile instead of going up and then crashing down.

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Another update! I was slowed down by a crash :sob: but I was able to make up for lost time! Here is a work in progress of the explosion! (aoe ring is just there for scale/ref)

KA BOOM!!! Another Update on the explosion! Now moving onto the build up/casting of the fire-bomb !
Might add or tweak this more if I have more time!

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Here is a loooooong build up for the fireball. (firebomb?) I will be shortening it, down to a much faster build up speed, but its nice to see all the pieces working together!
Right now it takes 5 seconds to build up, we will reduce it to 1.5 seconds! (saving a dup just in case too)

Da-data-DA!!! Here is an update! Things have changed! Build up and spawning are different! Will continue to tweak but we are close to the finish line!