.FGA wat iz?

Hey guys, i’m reading this .fga (Fluid Grid Ascii) file and I seem to have a few extra points.
Anyone know how this file format works? I’m having trouble finding a dissection.

might want to ask @JangaFX

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Hey William,

A FGA file is typically structured like this in the first 4 lines:

20.000000, 20.000000, 20.000000, - Vector Density in X Y Z
-512.000000, -512.000000, -256.000000, - Bounding Box Size min X Y Z
512.000000, 512.000000, 256.000000, - Bounding Box Size max X Y Z
0.454703, 0.137030, 0.000000, - the very first vector in the field. X Y Z

in this case there are 20 x 20 x 20 vectors which = 8,000 vectors. So because there are 3 lines at the top, the total line count for the file would be 8,003.


Duuuude, thank you so much. I couldn’t figure out what those three numbers were!

And I made a mistake, 8003 lines. :slight_smile:

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