Felis vfx sketchbook

Hi, I’m feli.
I’m currently working as QA and started teaching myself 3D modeling, unreal and vfx during the pandemic.
I want to share my journey with you here :3

Feedback is always welcome! I am looking to improve as much as I can since my goal is to get good enough to be hired as vfx artist some day.

One of my first vfx attempts, snowflake texture is not made by me.

Unfinished bonfire fanart, no flipbooks. Lost the files before I could finish it.
unfinished bonfire

An attempt at a stylized water shader:

Flaming head vfx sketches I made for a friends character model:
flame1 flamehead finalflame
And an orb portal prototype for the flameheads scene:

Space pirate ship vfx I made for the sketch #51. Ship mesh is free from sketchfab.


Slowly creating all the parts I need. Magic Circle is a placeholder but I have some ideas for the real thing already.


I am imagining this more of a turn-based effect on one character - so I changed the shape to fit a humanoid.
Started to tweak the timing a bit but its still very off.
The snowflakes on the outside of the “cage” took a while, I had the basic idea from this video https://youtu.be/Wqk_CKSxlyU

Still missing: snow/ice on the ground when the freeze happens, effect to freeze the trapped persons to the ground, cracks and burst of the bubble at the end.


Hi, I’m a junior Vfx artist and still trying to learn and pick up new techniques. I’m curious how you achieved the bonfire effect without using flip book textures? Is it through the use of a scrolling noise texture in the opacity or something along those lines? I really like the movement of it and the flicks of flame that break away at the top of the effect. I’m looking to get better at smoke and fire effects so would be interested to know your approach.


I am a beginner as well, so I can’t vouch if my approach was good/performant :smiley:
But basically I multiplied some scrolling noises with each other and then multiplied the result with a blurred mask of the basic shape of the fire, e.g. round at the bottom and getting pointy at the top.
The end result looks quite different depending on the noise, the tiling of the noise and the speed.

I am not sure anymore how I did the colors, now I would probably have a gradient mask for the flame and then use a color curve.


Had to put my ice cage vfx on ice (pun intended) since I am not satisfied with my current concept of it. Will revisit in due time.

Instead I decided to practice sword slashes for a private rpg project I joined. We are still in the concepting phase, so I am experimenting with different workflows, tools and niagara in UE5.


I polished the level up vfx I did for sketch #52 a bit more. Calling it done for now, although there are many possibilities to improve such as a spacey material for the glow and colour variations.


Brain is still not working as I want it to, so I played around with another sword slash texture and material. Inspired by Niels’ slash sketches.


Summer heat and covid dragged me down, but I’m back!

Last 2 sketch challenge entries:

Combined my explosion studies with a little ball animation. Pure niagara effect, just GPU particles.

Tried to make an earth shield inspired by avatar earthbending. Sadly I couldn’t really polish it but I am planning on revisiting this some time in the future.

WIP lightning attack sketch for a lil private project:
(video quality got potato, not sure whats going on there :confused: I also forgot to deselect the landscape…)


Fire for magical attacks and wip fire slash.


It’s looking good, nice work!

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Still messing around with different ways of making fire. I had some smoke but it didn’t fit in the end, so thats next on the agenda.


Magic fire circle. Yep, there is a theme to my current updates =)
Still wip, timing still needs some work.


Used the holidays to do some vfx and decided to rework my level up effect I had made for the sketch challenge. Pretty happy with the outcome!


January’s been a wild ride. I was thinking about taking part in the unreal vfx challenge but real life has other plans. Since I know I won’t have enough time, I’ll just do some small things instead!
Last year at GGJ, my team made a potion game within 48hrs and I’ve always wanted to remake my effects properly since my colleagues assets turned out so cute!

First WIP


You made an amazing progress throughout the year! Keep on an awesome work!


I wasn’t able to do any vfx for a while due to stress and health, but I finally got back into it.
So, to start easy I made a fire and smoke flipbook in embergen and made a nice little fire in UE5.1
It’s almost done, just some heat distortion and fine tuning.


I forgot I also went over my Level Up Effect (once again), since I had some great feedback from @raytheonly.
Changed some colors and values, changed the ‘spiral spark’ movement. The timing is really boring right now, but I kept staring until I felt my eyes were falling out, so I took a break xD I feel a bit cursed with this one.


I love how even small changes can improve an animation so much. Very cool refinement!

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Thank you!
Glad to have you here :3