Fearian's ✨ Sketches

In my experience, so much of VFX is experimentation, and lots of interesting ideas get chucked out before the final effect gets polished. So this is less of a development log, and more a place to chuck interesting ideas, that I may not ever polish!

I’m a VFX artist who learnt on the job as a generalist over the last few years, doing all the effects for the mobile game Dig That Gold on iOS. This year I’ve been freelancing as a dedicated VFX artist and soon I will be starting a full time/salaried position. But I hope I still have time to experiment!

To kick things off, here’s some old mobile work!

This is a lootbox kind of scene I made all the assets and animation for.

These where collectable objectives in the game I worked from concept to asset


And now Experiments: