[Fan Art] Across the SpiderVerse Portal Effect - Portfolio Piece

Hello all, It’s my first time sharing on here, and I thought this was a great project to share here. It is based off the SpiderVerse Portal. You can find my SpiderVerse Portal here for further breakdowns.

ezgif.com-video-to-gif (1)

I will note that the SpiderVerse film had many Portal entrances, and surprisingly every portal appearance was different from one & other. I know this because I did watch the movie 5 times in the cinema :sweat_smile: I was able to gather plenty of reference, and the scene I chose in case anyone wants to compare, is when Gwen first visits Miles in his bedroom, I felt that this scene had the most vibrant colours and detail. I was able to add a lot more into the effect using this scene and also it had a longer duration than any other portal scenes.

(Apologies for the small video but I had to drop the quality in order to be uploaded…)


This is so cool!! love it :heart_eyes_cat:

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