FacedownFX, released

Just saw on facebook that they released facedownFX https://facedownfx.bitblox.me/

I know the program has been mentioned in some topics here before, so just wanted people to know that it is out now :slight_smile:


I love you guys,
but I’m taking it down temporarily :frowning:

Minor UX things - unrelated to Slate - have come up today, nothing to worry about but I would like to iron them out.

The snaglist is;

  • Paypal Integration
  • Code Signing to try and squash some anti-virus false flagging.

I’ll be sure to bug you guys once it’s released!


In the mean time, I posted some videos showcasing a couple features;


Hmph, getting us all hyped like that! Ill pick it up once its back up agian :smiley:

By the way. I think you really need a features video with cool music behind it. Iv bought way to many Eat 3d video tutorials simply because their music gets me way to excited.

There’s a 2 Live Crew song that comes to mind…


OMG man :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: i think now its not getting out of my head

I’m really excited for this!

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Hey Alex,

Any luck getting this up and running yet ?

Im fiending to try it !

hey bud
nearly! Paypal are taking a while to get back with some authorization stuff. I’m at the mercy of when they feel like getting back to me is all. I’m really hoping by the end of this week.
Kind of frustrating as it’s all done and ready!

I’ll make a proper topic when it’s good and cooked.

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