Explosion Feedback & portfolio advice

Hello everyone,
My first finished explosion based on the tutorial from Andreas Glad.
Was looking for feedback regarding the effect itself, the presentation & how to improve this to a portfolio piece as I know it’s not a good thing to use a tutorial result in the portfolio.
I’m wondering how to make an explosion your own?? I’ve added some trails to the debris & that was from another tutorial.

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I think u could adjust your soft particle at the bottom a little more so it doesn’t go inside the ground

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Very cool! I think the enlargement of the explosion itself might be happening a little fast. they reach their final size almost instantly, which is the right line of thought for an explosion, i just think there could be a bit more wiggle room there.
Not a big fan of the smoke right now personally, it kind of reveals the flipbooky mass happening. maybe if there was less of it?
Comment above mentioned the hard edge on the ground, a depth fade could help soften that.
The weakest part for me atm is the scorch mark left behind. it doesn’t really mesh with the broken chunks on the ground for me. Maybe a large crack (like a spiderweb) and more noticeable scorch would help.

Not a bad explosion!


Thank you for the feedback. Will try to fixed .I was also advised to add some other grounded shockwave effect

Thanks a lot. appreciate the detailed feedback.

Do you think I should adjust the simulation itself ?? or just adjust My niagara system ?

Yes, I’ve seen another tutorial doing it… I’ll definitely add it.

:sweat_smile:I’m trying … any advice on adding this to a portfolio & not get noticed as right out of a tutorial??

Its difficult to judge these things without being more hands on. All I can really say is this:

  1. It looks more like a bunch of smoke stacked on top of each other rather than a cohesive whole, which partially has to do with the smaller explosion that happens first, because it is turning to smoke around the edges before its big brother version can catch up, which offsets them from each other a bit. At least to my eye.
  2. At the end the smoke seems to be collapsing in on itself rather than filling out as I would expect.
    People spend weeeeeeks trying to get the perfect sim. Its really difficult stuff.

I’m not familiar with this tutorial in particular, but I’m doubtful others would see yours and just think “well, thats obvi a tut dupe”. I’m interested to hear what others think on this.

If I were prepping this for a reel, I would try to make sure I know what this explosion is intended for, missile? land mine? grenade? Get my sim how I want it, focus on a lil more expansion, nail my scorch/crater, add a half second of light in the niagara system, and bc i love embers, i’d have some embers/sparks shooting out around the top half (they dont have to be long living). Its also worth noting that a lot of explosions usually leave behind a lot of white smoke. not all, but a lot. the blacker the smoke the dirtier the fuel consumption was, leaving behind more air debris that wasn’t incinerated in the blast. but thats also just preference on something like this.

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WOW … this is gold man.
These are very cool details about how you think about things … I’m not that far in to think of all of that.
Will give it another shot & I’ll impress you :muscle: .
Thank you :smile: .

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Hello everyone
Would really like to know your thoughts on this version.
All your feedback really helped from the last iteration so thank you so much for that

Good animation! Next, think about how the explosion fits in the world around it. Currently, it doesn’t really feel like it exists in the same world as the terrain. Probably a lighting issue – think about how an explosion like that would interact with the environment. For one thing, it would illuminate the world around it (“interactive lighting”). Also, non-luminescent parts (eg the smoke) would be lit by the same light (the sun) as the terrain, and would cast shadows.

I’d lose the shockwave effect – doesn’t seem to be motivated by anything. Just feels like a 2D screen effect. I don’t think a shockwave causes the atmosphere to refract differently – it more affects things like dust and parts of the terrain. This is a good place to check some reference – plenty of footage online of atomic bomb tests.

It’s coming along, though! Keep goin! :slight_smile:

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It seems so obvious now that you mentioned it … it feels like “how I missed it in the 1st place ??”

Thank you so much for the feedback … will work on them right away
Stay tuned :wink:

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