Erstwhile Tower : VFX

Hey everyone ! I’m a Junior VFX artist at Behaviour Interactive since few weeks now.

And this is my graduating project. I was in charge of the VFX, Animations, and leading the art team.

I’m looking for feedback and critics even if I’m not gonna change anything of most of this VFX, I’d like to know where and how I can became a better artist, this was my first project as a vfx artist in a team.

Artstation Link

So here is most of my work :

Erstwhile Tower [Gameplay] - Tactical Pause :

Erstwhile Tower [Breakdown] - Dissolve Move :

Erstwhile Tower [Breakdown] - Tactical Pause :

Erstwhile Tower [Breakdown] - Soldier - Attack + Shield :

Erstwhile Tower [Breakdown] - Mage - Teleportation + Stasis Effect :

Erstwhile Tower [Breakdown] - Scout - Deactivate + Activate :

Erstwhile Tower [Breakdown] - Enemy - Shoot + Die :

Erstwhile Tower [Breakdown] - Enemy - Damage FX :

Erstwhile Tower [Breakdown] - ManaPickUp - Anim + FX :

Erstwhile Tower [Breakdown] - ArrowTrap - Anim + FX :

Erstwhile Tower [Breakdown] -Payload - Animation + FX :

Erstwhile Tower [Breakdown] - Pushing Trap - Unity - Smoke simulation :

Erstwhile Tower [Breakdown] - Pushing Trap - Smoke simulation :

A little bit about Erstwhile Tower :

‘Use the power of the 3 archons to ascend the Erstwhile Tower. Make quick, tactical decisions to convoy the magic substance that will restore the natural flow of time. All while avoiding traps to the tempo of a ticking clock.’

Trailer Erstwhile Tower

If you want to give it a try :

More about the project: Erstwhile Tower 2019 by ISART DIGITAL
Available FREE on Steam 1st August


Awesome job!

Gonna give the game a try :sparkles:

Hey thank you Lush,

Well the game is not perfect, there is a bunch of mistake inside, but still we are proud about our work.
So I hope you gonna have some fun, feel free to give us some feedback on the game =)

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